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Advice/congrats to A15

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So it is coming up on the time when the A15 babies will be born. Last year the A13 group posted a thread with advice/thoughts/congrats on our board. Should we do the same for A15? If so, what do we want to do so it wont be obnoxious?

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Advice/congrats to A15 34 votes

No, dont post anything
14% 5 votes
Yes : Be obnoxious
0% 0 votes
Yes: Post Advice and or congrats
52% 18 votes
Yes: Post just congrats
32% 11 votes

Re: Advice/congrats to A15

  • I haven't voted. I really have no opinion / no idea!
  • I voted just congrats, there's probably a few STM and TTM over there who don't need our advice!

    We should do it soon though because I bet a few April babies have already arrived.
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  • I think all of us thought the advice and words of encouragement were very sweet and made us all feel excited when we were at our most uncomfortable.  I've been thinking up what mine will be for a while ;)
  • Alright, so we are almost tied. How about we do mainly congrats with some decorous encouragements and non obnoxious advice then...how does that sound? Anybody want to volunteer to get the ball rolling? I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off tomorrow and mon-weds I will be traveling to Atlanta and sitting in a workshop all day. If no one volunteers then I will do my best over the next few days.

    March siggy challenge: Dream job = Playing with wolves


  • I'll start one :)

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