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Very very early signs?

Maybe I'm just reaching but my breasts are killing me and I'm wondering if it's possible to feel signs this early? It's only been a week since "date night", as my fertility doctor calls it. I'm so confused because my body feels thrown off course after a few months of fertility drugs, IUI, progesterone, etc... Just another TTC in that horrible two week time looking for answers in every thing. But seriously..huge and painful!

Re: Very very early signs?

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    Not sure what "this early" is since you don't mention where you are in your cycle.  A week since "date night" is not really helpful. But in general, take a pregnancy test.  If it says you are pregnant, you are.  If it says you are not, then you aren't.  
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    id say its a little early but the fertility meds can def cause tender boobies. its way too early for a home test so i wouldnt waste the money. in "date night" im assuming you mean, your fertile period! so you should be getting your period (or hopfully not) in about a week, is that correct? try to stay busy so that you dont think so much about the 2 week wait
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