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Anyone have PP anxiety? Or anxiety in general? I've just been feeling "off", kinda woozy headed for a few months. I told my OB, he did bloodwork and everything came back normal, so he's sending me to a neurologist. I'm freaking out cause I feel like I have a horrible disease in my brain now! I wonder though, if it might be anxiety, and when I start to feel weird I freak out, anxiety kicks in, and then I feel worse. I'm really laid back and don't worry about this stuff normally, so I'm wondering if anyone with anxiety has insight, and if PP anxiety could start so long after birth? Any thoughts? Thanks yall :)

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  • I have found myself to be a lot more anxious post-partum. And I'm also pretty laid back. Before having LO, only crowds really caused me anxiety, and that was rare. Now all sorts of things do, most of all socially. I love going out and being with people, and then I get home and worry, did I say the right things? Does that person still like me? It's ridiculous and I have to remember that the other person is not thinking about this at all. And I worry about crazy things happening to LO.

    I spoke to my doctor about PP depression/anxiety back in the fall, and she recommended starting with counselling first. I saw a counsellor that I had seen in the past, and she was super helpful. Even just having someone listen to me and understand me was so helpful and made me feel a lot better. I totally recommend counselling.

    I hope you find a treatment that works for you and that you start to feel better soon! Know that you are not alone and that it's really common for moms to feel anxious or freaked out. *hugs*
  • Thank you @Talltrees82 ! I have this irrational fear of something happening to me, and LO having to grow up without a mom. I'm sure all moms fear that a little bit, but I think since I'm feeling weird the anxiety has kicked into full gear and I'm making myself crazy! I'm hoping my neurology appointment is normal, then I'll feel better knowing my noggin is normal in there. If I don't feel better, then counseling is my next plan. Thanks so much for your input!!
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    I haven't had any run ins with anxiety in a few years, but I did have it pretty badly at one point due to the job I had at the time. I don't have any good recommendations because it stopped the minute I quit my job...but I wanted to commiserate. Don't let anyone tell you that it is all in your head. I used to secretly think my friends with anxiety/panic issues were blowing things out of proportion or weren't "tough enough". Then it happened to me and I know now... There isn't any deficiency in people with anxiety problems and it isn't imaginary. Definitely get help if you can, even if it is just a good friend who has experienced panic/anxiety.

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  • Thank you @BADASBKRCK! These feelings are completely new to me. Like you said, I never really took it seriously with people I knew that had anxiety issues. I feel bad about it now, it's legit! Seriously, thanks for the support :). I feel a little better just writing it out on here actually. Makes me think counseling and talking it all out would help a lot
  • PP anxiety kicked in for me around 10 weeks pp. It has come and go, but still arrives at the worst times. It's a struggle and rally hard some days. I hope you find some help and support.
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  • I was diagnosed with PPD with trauma (due to DD's colic) about 8 weeks pp. If you find you need help, don't hesitate to ask. The hospital where I gave birth gave me a packet before I left the hospital with info on PPD and a directory of local doctors and Nurse Practitioners that could help me. Ask for help, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm on medication and I feel so much better!
  • Thank you ladies!!
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