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Freak out over hair cuts

My son is 3 will be 4 in july and he freaks out getting his cut and yesterday was the worst she took to snips and he was done. I'm not sure what to do anymore he don't like the buzzer and is starting to freak out over the scissors (?) . We go to my sister in law's sister who he likes

Re: Freak out over hair cuts

  • Does your sister-in-law's sister work at one of those kids salons where they sit in airplanes and watch dvd's and get prizes and stuff? In my humble opinion, those are the only way to go for a kid who does anything other than sit still like an angel.
  • No she works at a regular salon but she does anything for him. She even downloaded games to her phone for him sat on the floor while cutting his hair. I don't know if his fear of a hair cut started from where we took him before. I'm not sure if they have a kid salon around me to be honest
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  • I feel ya. I have been a hairstylist at an upscale salon for 8 years, and to this day, I cannot do a decent haircut on a squirming/crying/not holding his head straight kid! Not my own kid, not my best friend's kid, not a paying client. I'm just too scared I am going to cut them or myself or a chunk out of their hair if they flail at the wrong moment. Sometimes I feel bad when my good clients bring in their children for haircuts because I think they think they are doing the right thing, taking their kids to a nice salon instead of a cheapo place, but the fact of the matter is, we don't have a ton of experience working on children, so we don't know all those secret tricks that the stylists at Snip-Its, etc. know. But I realize that migt not help you if there's nowhere nearby. Just my little stylist two-cents :)
  • The closest one to me is nj and i know he would probably sit in the lighting mcqueen car since he loves that movie but i don't wanna make that drive probably and hr total if not longer all the time. I was thinking maybe just let my mother in law take him and i just meet her towards the end of the cut. But then if he sat fine for her it would hurt me kinda i'm not sure how to explain the feeling.
  • I just went through this on the weekend!  We don't have a "kids" place where I live either so I take him to my sister in law who works in a very nice salon.  I don't know if this will work for you or not, but my son LOVES his auntie so we played the whole "you're hurting Auntie Kyla's feelings by not letting her cut your hair, look you're making her cry (cue fake crying from Auntie Kyla)".  He was still a little squirmy but he stopped crying right away and even let her use the buzzer!  He then said sorry and gave her a big hug after...I feel kinna guilty about it but hey it worked!  Good luck :)

  • My son also has meltdowns when he gets his hair cut, and the last time we were able to at least get him to sit sort of "still" by giving him a water bottle to squirt daddy with. Needless to say, daddy left soaking wet and we wiped up the floor and surrounding areas before we left, but it worked to keep him distracted!
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