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scared for summer....

Right now it's 40° where I live and I'm overheating to the point of nausea. I can only imagine how horride the summer will be if this doesn't end.... Anybody been pregnant in the summer? Please tell me its not as bad as it sounds. Last baby was born in march and I was hot then :(

Re: scared for summer....

  • My son was born in May so I can't imagine! I keep worrying about the sane thing. It's going to be uncomfortable and I'm going to be a swollen mess at the end. :-S
  • Me three. I hate the heat, pregnant or not. Plus, I live in the city, where the heat is multiplied by buildings, concrete, etc. Ugh. I always said to myself, I am going to plan my pregnancies so that they don't happen over the summer! Well....LOL.
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  • I'm not a fan of summer, especially where I live. It gets to be 100-plus and its humid all the way through September, and that makes me miserable when I'm not pregnant. Add on swollen feet and maternity pants--ugh! I thought it was rough in May '13 when I had my son. At least it'll be flip flop weather!

    I plan on spending as much time as possible (and safe for a pregnant woman and a two year old) at the pool Thankfully, my son loves the water!

    Also, I think I'm going to ask my mom how she survived. She had two September babies and one July baby!

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  • I have been preggo in the summer and its not easy when you feel hot and huge. Hopefully you have A.C and i did a lot of swimming.
  • I only get pregnant in January so I'm always pregnant in the summer. The first two times it didn't bother me, last time was iffy. It's not the heat that'll get you, it's dehydration!
  • i cant say anything because i live in Dominican Republic where is always hot #-o
  • My second was born in September, so I was heavily pregnant throughout the summer of 2013. We had many days with 100+ heat indexes. It wasn't too bad, but air conditioning and pools were definitely my best friend. Swimming while pregnant feels amazing anyway because it relieves the weight of the bump. :-)

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  • I work in a mill so no ac at work just hard work. I just feel like its gonna be the worst summer of my life lol
  • Be prepared to sweat a lot!  Swimming feels wonderful because the water is nice and cool.  The good news is we can wear sandals/flip flops without worrying about tying our shoes when we can't reach our feet. Lots of popsicles and lemonade too!!
  • Yes I'm so glad my dad had a riverlot only a mile out of town I will just live there :)
  • Honestly, when I found out I'm due in October, I was thrilled!  My last Oct baby was the BEST pregnancy.  I hated my winter pregnancy, and my August baby was rough, but with an October due date, we won't be super huge and uncomfortable when it's really hot.  Plus, we won't have to put on real shoes, which is challenging when you can't easily reach your feet.  My biggest tip is to buy dresses.  They're much more comfortable than maternity bands covering the belly.

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  • I see lots of cotton skirts and dresses and flip flops in my future! So glad I don't work in the horse barn anymore and I can just relax by the pool!
  • I'm so nervous about the summer!  DD was born June 6, and I was overheating in May already, so I'm not sure how I'll survive July/August being pregnant.
  • Gosh im so scared for summer! Where im from it barely even gets to 30C, but here.. Last summer i was here it was around 50! Really not looking forward to that. I dont deal well with heat as is, cant imagine what it'll be like while pregnant.
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  • Being pregnant in the summer sucks! We currently have our house for sale and I am hoping we find one with central air before summer hits! I have started picking up light summer dresses to help combat the heat;)
  • My last baby was born in May so I've been worrying about this too. I like hearing the advice on buying dresses. I actually just bought one the other day!
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  • I'm also worried about the heat and swelling. I find it hard to wear dresses while hanging out with my 2-year-old son, so I hope I find some shorts and tops that are flattering.

    I understand how maternity clothes need a little stretch to fit an expanding body, but those stretchy materials are also really hot. :(
  • I live in Alaska and am used to very mild weather. At 30 weeks I week be going to Arizona for a week and my mom is expecting me to enjoy the outdoor theater and hiking. I might die from the heat is all I can think about.
  • I thought summers in Oregon would be milder than the South, but they're just as horrible. We don't have A/C in our apartment so we'll have to finally buy a window unit. I am excited about wearing maxi dresses and flip flops though!

  • I've been thinking dresses would be best when I'm heavily pregnant anyway, because with my son, toward the end no pants would stay up (and the over-the-belly panels were hot and itchy!). But here's the catch, which in sure other bigger mamas can relate to: I get sweaty between my thighs and it chafes from them rubbing together. I'm thinking baby powder or Gold Bond might help, but I'm open to suggestions.

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  • You can get this powder at tractor supply called monkey butt powder. It's the best!! Used it a lot when riding horses and working in the barn all summer
  • Maxi dresses! Long skirts and sandals! I am actually looking forward to it. We don't have AC so we might need to do something about that, but I am happy I don't have to wear a lot of clothes compared to winter outfits and shoes that I think would be harder to wear while pregnant. My ankles are prone to swelling anyway so I am glad I will be able to wear flip flops if they do get huge. Plus I am happy this summer I will have a bump to show off when swimming!! You work in a mill? Are you going to take a maternity leave? Or maybe they can put you on a different position come summer time? Drink a lot of water!!!
  • I live in Arizona and it has already been in the 90s. I am nervous for the summer but planning on wearing lots of dresses. It basically is over 100 beginning soon all the way up until October!
  • My daughter was born at 41 weeks on July 17. I live near DC so our humidity is insane. I don't remember it being too terrible. I was lucky and didn't swell terribly or anything like that. I just stayed inside with the A/C for the most part.
  • I tried to time this pregnancy so I am at my biggest in summer or fall, and it worked! I have always been one of those people who will take being hot over being cold any day. I always feel so dumpy and sad in the wintertime. The idea of trying to fit a big pregnant belly into pants and sweaters and a coat and then cramming the whole mess into a crowded subway car was too much.
  • I prefer the heat too. My last baby was born in December and jeans and sweaters were a huge pain by then. Also we just bought a house with a pool and I CAN'T WAIT to live in the water all summer :D
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  • They won't put me om something easier unless I can't handle my job and I am going to do my best to work up until I "pop" because I only get so much time off I'd like to take it with baby. Last summer not pregnant I was drinking 1.5 gallons a day! I can for see a lot of after work swimming!
  • I have a December and February baby and loved/hated having maternity leave in the winter. I am actually looking forward to being pregnant in the summer (so I say now, ha) because of flip-flops, sun dresses... 

    In the winter all I wanted to wear was yoga pants, and having to worry about a coat fitting me was annoying. I'm excited for this go round!
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  • Not looking forward to it. Where I live it gets to 110 degrees. My job is an athletic trainer at a high school so in summer I will be working two a days football practice in the heat :(
  • This pregnancy is how I will justify a pool membership as a health expense!
  • I have to say one thing I love about being pregnant in the summer is that I'll have a bump to show off instead of trying to hide my fat belly in my bathing suit. There is no such thing as a bathing suit that looks good on me normally, but I think I can manage to find a cute maternity suit.

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  • I'm excited to be pregnant all summer! I have a late June baby and live in SC where summer starts pretty early. I spent most of May and June in the ocean which was amazing! Skirts and dresses are so much more my style than jeans and sweaters too. Sure I will get sweaty walking to my car but I'll take it over a winter pregnancy. And hey, at least we don't have to worry about slipping on ice!
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  • DD was born in August so I was big in our hottest weather. I lived in tanks and workout shorts. Water and AC make it better!
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  • AC and a pool will be your best friends. I'm having the exact same timeline as with my first and pregnancy during the summer has its advantages. You can wear dresses, you're not stuck trying to fit into boots and a winter jacket and ice cream!

    Seriously it's not so bad. I started swelling end of August and by that time the temperatures were starting to cool down.
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  • My biggest worry is the increased swelling. DD was born late May and I spent the last 6 weeks super swollen, miserable and on bed rest. So I'm a little paranoid about the swelling anyway. I'll probably have a blood pressure cuff with me everywhere the second and third trimester.
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  • Oh man summer sucks. My 2 kids had due dates all in October and it sucks being pregnant in that heat. We're already going to be half way along and pretty big.
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