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Brown discharge normal?

Hi all, I am brand new to discussion board but so excited to be here!

Little TMI....I have noticed after taking progesterone pills that I have been seeing brown stringy discharge. Is this normal? Since I am first time mommy, I am freaking over every new little thing....any advice is great!

Re: Brown discharge normal?

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    I'm not on progesterone- but I had a tiny bit of brown stringy mucus. I called doc and we did an ultrasound and all looked normal. It only happened for two days. The doc said since it happened right around the time I would have normally gotten my period my body may just have been going through the motions. If you are ever experiencing a symptom you're unsure of- just call your doc.
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    Call your doctor. The answer to your question is "sometimes" it is normal. Best to check with your physician.
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    I had this as well. It lasted for almost a week and I was worried but I had an ultrasound at week 7 (after the discharge started the day before) , the baby was fine and we heard the heartbeat. Then another at week 8 (baby doubled in size and we saw AND heard the heartbeat) and my Gyno said the spotting had stopped and was probably just leftover implantation bleeding. I wouldn't worry too much, just mention it to your doctor. Hope this puts your mind at ease!!
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