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Yet another birthday question- favours

I'm wondering if I need to do favours for LO's birthday. His party is family only (pretty much just us, his grandparents and great-grandmother). LO will be the only kid under 30. Do I do favours? If so, any suggestions?

Re: Yet another birthday question- favours

  • I wouldn't for a party of adults that small. Just some nice food and a few simple, tasteful decorations. If you really wanted to do something for your family that is coming you could hand out wallet sized photos of LO.
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  • No, but I am anti-party favors in general. I like to send thank you notes on the back of my kids' pictures (usually wearing or playing with the gift they received from that person).
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  • Maybe frames with your LO's pic in it?
  • We have a few kids coming - that is the only reason we are doing any, and we are only doing a small thing of bubbles and packs of goldfish.
  • I love the photo ideas! I think I might enclose a few photos from the party and his birthday shoot in with the thank you cards. Thanks!
  • When my sister in law sent thank yous for her daughters 1st bday, she made them through shutterfly with pictures from her smash cake photo shoot. I'll probably do something similar or pics from the party itself
  • Meh, no way! Of course, I am definitely not the model of propriety, so I suppose following my advice is not advisable lol.

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