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I am a ftm and am almost eight weeks. I work as a teacher and this week the reality of constantly feeling sick AND exhausted AND trying to keep up with my job (all while keeping it secret from all of my students and all but two of my colleagues) is really beginning to take its toll on me. Add onto it the constant fear that something will happen to the pregnancy during the first trimester...ugh! I know everyone says pregnancy goes by quickly, but another four weeks like this seems like a lifetime to me right now! Is anyone else feeling this way or does anyone have any advice on getting through it? Thanks!!

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    Also a ftm, 7.5 weeks and with ya. Although nothing about this seems to be going fast! Just take it day by day. It's not much longer until you can let the cat out of the bag to other co workers. It's hard keeping it on the down low. Throw your hubby a few texts a day to get things off your chest if you need to. All we can do is power through! Stay positive!
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    My nausea isn't completely gone, but it started getting much better at 10 weeks so hang in there! It'll get better.
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    I had to tell everyone when i was 7 weeks because i was so ill for weeks!
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    Hang in there. :) I started to feel better at 9 weeks, so maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think! 
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    Thank you for the words of encouragement! I would love for it to be done sooner rather than later! And nsaid4u, I totally get it!!!! I've come close a few times!

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