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Up at 12:30am-2:00 EVERY NIGHT

Could this be due to Daylight Savings? She was a great sleeper until Sunday Night...  we are exhausted!!!
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Re: Up at 12:30am-2:00 EVERY NIGHT

  • Ugh.  We went through a phase like this too.  It. Was. Awful.  It did seem to sort out on its own eventually, and now we're on to new and different sleep issues, but the middle of the night party time seems to have stopped.  Hang in there!
  • It's possible. I've heard it can take weeks for them to adjust. When my LO was up at random hours in January, it turned out to be a combination of teething and growth spurt. Hopefully you all get some sleep soon!
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  • Thanks girls! It has gotten better. She had a cold last week so the midnight party was for other reasons. Now we wake up at 4:00 for absolutely no reason. Never a dull moment :)
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  • Same thing here !! :(( >:D<
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