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quitting jobs?

I've been working at the same place almost solid since I had my son and I've hated it most of the time. Now that I'm pregnant with #2 I've been more and more sure I'm never coming back after maternity leave. Might be the hormones but is anyone else feeling like they might do something crazy like quit their job when they have their baby?

Re: quitting jobs?

  • If I had had a job, yes! I've always wanted to be a stay at home mommy, and my husband agrees that its the right thing for our family.
    Sadly though, I currently dont have a job because immigration is being incredibly slow. Wish I could at least volunteer in the meantime!! So bored!!
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  • I'm 90% sure I will! My circumstances are different but allow me to do so if I make good financial decisions ... Basically I only work part time now and the money I make will not be worth the sacrifice of time I'd be giving up with my LO. And sometimes I really hate my job, all I ever wanted was to be a mom anyway.
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  • I start my new job at the end of this month and I'll be quitting when I have the baby as I I want to stay at home and my partner will work instead
  • Yes, I am for sure.  I'm actually planning on quitting in July to have the summer to prepare ;)  Fortunate I'm able to do so.
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  • I REALLY hope that staying home is an option for me. I have a great job but I just can't hardly stand the thought of leaving our LO with a complete stranger who they will spend more time with than us. :-(
  • I hate my job and I'm going to quit! I do want to go back to work eventually--maybe have my second kid soon after this one, get them to preschool, then start working again.

    One thing I've started doing that has made my job more bearable is counting down my paychecks. Right now, I have 10 paychecks left until I plan to leave, which is equal X amount of dollars. The number I have to look forward to goes down with every paycheck, and eventually it will be so small that it might be more worth it to quit and relax at home than it is to keep working.

    Ok, I explained that poorly. What I mean is, I have 10 paychecks left now, and it's money I need, but if something makes me really angry when I am down to, say, 3 paychecks, I might rather have the satisfaction of quitting in a rage than those last 3 checks. I am looking forward to the point at which I have nothing left to lose!
  • My job will allow me to go part time once I come back from Maternity leave.  I can't decide if I want to walk away all together or just work 2 or 3 days a week indefinitely.
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  • I think we can easily afford for me to stay at home buy he isn't completely on board. I make good money so its hard for him yo imagine giving up that money but I've only been paying debt off my car and babysitter for 5 months so he doesn't realize he's been doing it alone anyway. Its just a Hugh stress job that I don't want to go to when I could be at home with my babies instead of working to pay someone else to be with them.
  • I'm quitting my job, probably a few weeks before the baby's born so I can prepare for my home birth and just relax. It'll be hard for us financially but it'll be great, too.
  • CocoR04CocoR04 member
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    I went back to work part-time after having DS two years ago and quit completely three months later. It was the BEST decision. I love being a SAHM and spending all day with DS. It's hard work, but I'd rather put my energy into someone I love rather than a job I hated.
  • I am taking my maternity leave and then not coming back. Although unfortunately I have to pretend I am for my benefits. I wholly agree with the woman above me. We purposely bought a house we could afford on my husband's smaller salary. We are definitely going to be hurting financially, but I couldn't do it any other way.
  • I am undecided. I work for a non profit with no maternity leave to speak of. When I tell them I'm pregnant next week, I plan to tell them my wishes for maternity leave. However, I'm also pretty sure I'll be leaving entirely since I doubt they'll let me work from home (though what I do is totally work-from-home-able) and the cost for child care is more than what I'd wind up making. I can't tell them that though, or they'd never pay out the time off I've earned. Fortunately, my PT job as a wedding and lifestyle photographer works well to support the work from home schedule and my boss has already offered to have me do more admin work to get more hours outside of session time. That will at least help us by if I end up needing to look for a new FT job. While being a SAHM would be awesome, this mama's gotta work!
  • I'm a teacher and will most likely be taking the rest of the (school) year off. In my district you can take up to two years off no pay but a position will be held for you. I really don't think I'm going back but it's nice to have the option. I'll probably look for something part time next summer. We'll see. My pay now is basically going towards DD daycare. I only stay because I have awesome health insurance. Ah I'll see when the time comes how we are financially.
  • LimieLimie member
    Ugh I can not wait to quit my job! I've been wanting to quit for two years now so not going back after baby suits me just find :) things will be a little tight for a little while until my car is paid off but we'll make it work.
  • Still figuring this out as well, but leaning toward yes. It's gonna come down to being able to collect my FMLA and maternity leave while fulfilling the requirements of employment to get those in full. At most I'll have to go back for 2 weeks, which we thankfully have family who can step in during that time. Will definitely have to budget and cut back where we can
  • I live in canada so once the baby is born we get a year off, paid, of maternity leave..after my year is up i will only work sat/sun rather than 5 days a week...this is baby #4 so mama is needed at home full time...i dont pay others (babysitter/daycare) to spend the day with my child/raise them...i keep them home with me until they start school.
  • I love what I do, but HATE who I work for. They treat their employees like shit and the pay for the work we do is offensive. The only reason I've stayed for as long as I have is because of the kids I get to work with.

    My plan is to utilize my FMLA and AFFLAC for the six weeks (8 if C section). So I'll need to return to work for a short period of time after my leave. Then I plan to use whatever vacation time I have saved to take the remaining time off. I have a little over a week of vacation stored already, so by October. I should accumulate at least another 3 weeks. If I decide that I want to continue to work in child welfare, then I would apply to work for the state. The pay is a lot more than I make working for a private agency.

    I've also been tossing around the idea of getting licensed to be a home daycare provider. The best part of my work days now are the times I'm with my kids. So why not stay home with my little one and take care of a few more?

    Who knows..
  • @nsaid4u I'm so jealous of the Canadian maternity leave. One of my close friends lives in Canada. It was so awesome that she got to stay home with her child for so long.
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  • I'm also Canadian and will be taking full advantage of our one year mat leave policy. I also don't intend to go back after (not that my employer will know that until they have to). Ideally I'd like to stay home the first few years with my baby and avoid paying for childcare. We'll see about some working from home options during that time too.
  • Well I wish I could but money is tight right now :( when I go back to work after maternity leave my husband will be working from 6am-2pm and I will be with baby at that time then when he gets home I go to work. In reality we will never get to see each other because we can't afford daycare or one of us quitting our job. It's very upsetting that this is what has to happen and I think I'll regret it for the rest of my life but I can't do anything about it.
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  • I'm with @TheMrs1009!! I'm a groomer, and have been grooming dogs coming on 11 years now... and couldn't imagine NOT doing it. Thankfully though, the grooming shop I work at is very family oriented, that I'll be able to bring my little one once I'm ready to come back to work!! ;)

    That will help SO much, not having to deal with child care or a sitter!! :-)
  • I am already a SAHM so this doesn't apply with this pregnancy, but before I had my miscarriage in September, I quit my full-time job. One of the reasons was that I was pregnant, and I knew I wouldn't be able to take 12 weeks off for maternity leave like I did with my son (even though I worked for the same company, I was at a different site, and here they only give 6 weeks off). On top of that, it was physically demanding work (lifting and transferring 100-lb people, for example), and it was hard on my exhausted body, but others had done the job pregnant . . . That on top of the office politics and the fact that my husband got a job with a sporadic schedule, we only have one car, and my 3-11 shift made it impossible to find daycare other than hiring a babysitter (which would've cost my whole paycheck), I was done.

    And while my job was in a rewarding field, supporting adults with disabilities, most of my days were spent doing exactly what I do at home: cooking, cleaning up poop and changing diapers, and picking up other people's messes. The only difference here is now I don't have to write a report about it every night.

    I plan to go back to work or go to grad school once October baby is a little older, at least preschool age, but for now, I'm content to stay at home.

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  • TheMrs1009. I didn't invest all the time, money, and effort into school/my career to stop now. I'm going to take my year of mat leave (Canada :)), and then go back to work. I know I would go insane if I stayed at home for years, plus the money is worth it. 
  • I wish I lived in Canada. So much. I get 6 weeks off 60% pay then 12 off no pay but I'm not sure how hard they make it to take those 12. With how my schedule works if I go back to work after baby I should have 5 months off and that's good enough for me. But if they fight me and only give me the 6 I won't be coming back. I need more time
  • I am in the military so we get 6 weeks maternity leave and then 6 months to be back in height and weight standards.
    Unfortunately it's not the best financial decision for me to get out at the end of my contract. I'm half way to a life long retirement check and I just couldn't imagine doing anything else after doing this for the past 10 years and since the age of 17.
    Could I just win the lottery already ?!? :p
  • I quit my corporate job when I had my daughter.  I left 2 weeks before my scheduled c/s.   When she was a year old I started working a super part-time job just to get out of the house 1-2 nights a week for a couple hours.  I just quit there effective March 1st.  

    Dealing with a toddler all day while feeling like crap and then having to go to work, even once a week, was not fun anymore.  I wasn't working for money, just for fun and to get out of the house.  I no longer wanted out of the house at night and it wasn't fun anymore so I quit.  
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  • casserole27casserole27 member
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    I would SO love to stay at home or even go part time after baby is here. But alas I am the bread winner while DH is out of work. So it's not an option.
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  • I didn't work for 2 years after our first baby, and I don't plan on going back to work. Financially daycare is just not a wise choice for us.
    To clarify I went back to work last year. I am a server.
  • I went back to work full time after my daughter mainly for the health insurance. After my son was born, I just went back part time. The money we would be taking home after putting two kids in daycare was negligible so it just made sense.
    Most days I enjoy the opportunity to get out of the house sans kids and I don't mind my job.
  • nsaid4u said:

    I live in canada so once the baby is born we get a year off, paid, of maternity leave..after my year is up i will only work sat/sun rather than 5 days a week...this is baby #4 so mama is needed at home full time...i dont pay others (babysitter/daycare) to spend the day with my child/raise them...i keep them home with me until they start school.

    So, do you think women who work and have their children in day care or with family don't raise them?!
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