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Dr hasn't told me the baby's heart rate

so I am a first time mommy and after my 2nd ultra sound I learned my lesson to write down questions as I think of them throughout my sleepless nights.

My doctor literally did a 6 min US and was out the door, I was her last appt. of the day.

After I left , I realized that once again, I saw the beautiful flicker of the heart for now the second time but my doctor has not told me the heart rate number at all. Not the first time or second time.
I read so many posts where everyone is talking about healthy heart rates for baby. should I be concerned that I don't know this info or do you think my doctor is seeing it and is just not mentioning because it is nothing to worry about?
Just another thing I won't sleep over:) lol

Re: Dr hasn't told me the baby's heart rate

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    It doesn't matter. It will change once the brain becomes more developed anyways. They would tell you if something was wrong. But you should ask next time because it is fun to know.
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    Mine hasn't told me mine either.
    I get to see it though which is comforting.
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    Mine didn't tell me either but it's so early it's really not important what it is. Don't worry!
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    I thought the same thing... My doctor didn't tell me the rate, but we saw it on the ultrasound. Afterwards I thought, wait she didn't tell me how fast it was! But I figured she didn't say anything because it looked normal.
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    Mine didn't mention it either, but I specifically asked and she let me know. It will be in your chart if you feel so inclined to give the practice a call and ask what it was. But if she didn't mention it, it was probably in the normal range and therefore you have nothing to worry about :)
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    I think if something was wrong they would tell you.  Honestly my little one's was 185 and I see a lot of things saying that the norm is 120 - 160, but I'm not concerned I'm on a beta blocker because my heart rate has always been over 100 while resting.  Like momma like baby :-)
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    They say (and when I say "they", I mean my mom) that a higher heart rate means it's going to be a boy  ;)

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