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New to Male Infertility

After TTC for a year we started doing some investigating and discovered my husband had a 0 sperm count. We went to a urologist and learned he had primary testicular failure (elevated FSH, small testes, and azoospermia). We then started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and he ordered repeat semen analysis and repeat blood work. This week we returned for the results mentally prepared to be told our only options would be donor sperm or adoption, we found out that hubby had a sperm count of 2 with no motility (progress!?) and slightly elevated estradiol. Our RE prescribed my husband Letrozole (an aromatase inhibitor) in hopes of raising his sperm count enough over 3 months to freeze sperm to do IVF. Has anyone else gone through anything similar? It is difficult to find any similar experiences to get a good idea of outcomes with this treatment.
Thank you in advance!
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