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Factor 5 (one copy) MTHFR (one copy)

Hello all. I have a copy of a clotting disorder called factor 5 and a copy of another called MTHFR (A1298C). It runs in my family, my oldest sister has two copies of factor 5 and had DVT's throughout both pregnancies and my other sister has one copy of factor 5 like myself and had no complications in both of her pregnancies. My doctor put me on a blood thinner shot called Lovenox daily and I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I go for a fetal testing consult on the 25 and will find out more. But I just don't want to do these shots!

Re: Factor 5 (one copy) MTHFR (one copy)

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    My husband has the potential to have Factor 5 (all males in his family have it) but he hasn't been tested for it yet. Unfortunately I can't speak to being pregnant with it, since I don't have it. DH is getting tested for it soon.
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    My husband and I both have one copy of factor v. So far they haven't suggested lovenox but I do take baby aspirin more for my peace of mind.
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    I have Factor 5 am currently 7w1d and had 2 successful pregnancies with no complications. I have taken the shots throughout all pregnancies. I can assure you that you will get used to them. I personally believe they get less painful after your tummy gets bigger. I give mine on the lower side (love handle region). You got to do them! Good luck!!!!
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    What are you and aren't you allowed to do while on the injection?
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    I have factor V. This is my first baby I'm 7w 6d and I'm doing the shots as I have had 5 blood clots. Shots aren't bad at all. how I see it if this is what I have to do its all worth it. Scared as I know it's very high risk. I just did testing as I don't know what gene I have as I was diagnosed back in 99 and don't remember as very scarey clot.
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    I just got my blood work done to check for factor 5. My dad has it and it runs on his side of the family. I'm nervous to find out and take the shots. Right now my doctor has me on baby aspirin once a day (still nervous about taking that too) I just want me and my baby to be healthy
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