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Homeless and Pregnant

Just Was Kicked Out Of Appt Due To Renters Fraud. WeJust Used TheRest Of Our Money On A Months Rent We Didn't Get To Use. WeAreNow LivingIn Our Car. Prayers For My Baby.

Re: Homeless and Pregnant

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    I am so sorry to hear this! is there anyway you can get help from someplace near you? Maybe if you speak with your doctor about the situation they may have some resources available. I will be praying for you and yours.
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    nwt5nwt5 member
    What about family? Could they help til you find something?

    Jayden was born 10/10/13

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    Go to your human services, see what places they have for low income housing. The salvation army out in my state can help you with motel vouchers, maybe only for a short while but check it out. It's better than nothing. Also try different churches they might have families willing to give a room for a short time until you get your own place. Hang in there and good luck.
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    Very disturbing! I'm sorry.. Try calling 2-1-1 hopefully this is in your area!
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    Thank You Guys. Means A Lot To Me. Trying To Find What We Can Do. I Go To The Doctorn Next Week.
    And I Asked Family They Said They Wouldn't Help Me Or My Husband(My Mother Not Dad) Because We Were Adults And Should Figure It Out For Ourselves. Will Keep You Updated... Thank you
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