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So ive had 2 miscarriages previously(with no other children) and am 7 wks now. I have been so positive so far but some days its so hard. So scared to lose another baby i find that i over analyze everything. If i dont feel a symptom one day i get nervous. Is it normal to not have the same symptoms everyday? I know everyone will feel different but can anyone else relate?

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Re: Scared?!?!

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    I go on wednesday and although its not an ultrasound visit im hoping she can put my mind at ease
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    Do you live in the States or Canada? I didn't even have to argue about an early ultrasound with my doc (Canada), she just sent me for one at 6.5 weeks. We saw a heartbeat and was really reassuring. Maybe you can make a case for an early dating u/s? Perhaps you weren't really 'paying attention' to your cycles and have 'no idea' how far along you are? lol

    Either way, good luck!
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    I've never experienced a loss and I still experience that because I am so ready for this if God forbid something happened I would be so lost. However, I do have fluctuating symptoms but no cramping or bleeding so I try to do as FatPony suggested and think about the bundle of joy I will have in my arms in (just!) 7 months. :)
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