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Wakeful period blues

So my baby boy is 4 months about to be 5 in two weeks. Before this wakeful period, he was so loyal to his schedule. He had three naps a day. He would wake up three times at night to breastfeed but I didn't mind too much. Now our schedules are all wonked. He barely wants to nap during the day, and if he finally goes to sleep. He would be up 15 minutes later. Right now he refuses to go to sleep.

Anyone going through this wakeful period too? Any tips on how to set a new schedule? Because mr baby here is on a strike

Re: Wakeful period blues

  • No tips but, I feel your pain.
  • Yes it sucks. We just went through it.

    My advice to you is to go to bed every night expecting the absolute worst. Then, if things go well, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Babies change constantly so don't count on anything ever staying the same for long. You'll just get frustrated.

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  • my baby does the same thing... i take him with me to work and i cant seem to get anything done lately because he refuses to sleep. even at nights he would wake up wanting to play. hopefully he'll break out of this wakeful period soon. 

    be patient with your baby and keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. :)
  • We have been there for the past month. I don't really have any tips other than try to dig up as much patience as you have and know (so they tell me) that this is a phase. DD was STTN and is now up 3-4 times/night and will only take a morning nap. AND she seems tired all day so I feel sorry for her.
  • Thanks you guys. I'm absolutely exhausted but you guys are right. This too shall pass. Wish I would have this mentality around three in the morning
  • I almost hate to put this in writing and jinx myself but I think we've made it through! DD is 5.5 mos, learned to roll over a few days ago and has since gone right to sleep at bedtime, sleeps through the night AND naps! Hang in there! We had about 6 weeks of horrible sleep.
  • It's awful. My 20 week old used to sleep 9pm-6am before waking but now she's up 4x a night. Hoping we pass out of this stage sooner than later
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