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Beauty questions

I've read the article on mani-pedi, and getting your hair colored. I know to wait until mid of my second trimester to get my hair colored, correct? But I'm 8weeks pregnant and have a scheduled mani pedi this week before I leave for my can cun trip. Is that safe??

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    I personally will not paint (or remove my messed up toe nail paint) until after the first trimester. Maybe if you feel like you have to paint your toes for the beach go buy a bottle of Zoya or Scotch naturals water based polish. OPI and Essie are 3 free, but the water based ones have even fewer chemicals and would be better choices.
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    Mani/pedi's are fine. I had them done every two weeks when I was pregnant with my twins and everything was just fine. I'm an OPI and Essie girl.
    As for coloring your hair, I did that too, my Dr said it was ok.
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    I also had mani/pedis and maintained my hair color through my last pregnancy. Those were abut the only things that kept me feeling human, so I'm glad I didn't have to give them up. ;) I did, however, change all my skincare routines to ridiculously over cautious and baby friendly products.
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    I colored my hair and got regular mani-pedis throughout my pregnancy with my son. I'm sure a mani-pedi would be fine, especially if they're using OPI or Essie (or Zoya or other quality polish that's 3-free). Just make sure there's plenty of ventilation.

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    I'm am a beauty therapist and mani pedis are fine and safe as long as there is no massage involved and you're in a well ventilated area so you could say you're pregnant and ask to be seated by an open window if sitting by the windows is not an option I don't advice you do it, you can do stuff that as long as if there is a smell of the product like acrylic you sit somewhere the fumes are being vented out x
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