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Am I the only single mom?

Please help me to know that I am not alone! I'm scared for multiple reasons from telling my parents and staying away from the sperm donor. Any tips?

Re: Am I the only single mom?

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    I'm not a single mom. Are you ok are you safe and all? If you are young and need to tell your parents maybe have a good girlfriend go with you and be there so you aren't alone. Might help a little. Be strong and know that there is a lot of help for you out there. Ask your doctor as well to reccomend some support options. I also know ther are numbers you can call if you feel unsafe that your doc can give you.
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    As scary as it can be to tell your parents, it is so important that you have their support. You don't want to go to your doctor appointments alone or feel alone and secretive when you are at home. It will cause so much stress, which is bad for baby. I like the suggestion of having a friend with you when you tell your parents. Or maybe tell your mom first and have her help you tell your dad. If the "sperm donor" starts trying to cause trouble you need to notify the proper authorities to keep a record (stalking, threats). But know that if he is being nice about it, like just asking how you and the baby are or what he can do to help, you won't be able to keep him from the baby just because you don't like him. He will have rights to see his baby. That doesn't mean he has rights to see you right now tho. This will make it even more important to have your parents support!
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