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Teething comfort?

What is your go to for teething? LO seems pretty bothered with his freshly cut tooth coming in. Do you ladies use Tylenol? Teething gel? Just cold teething rings to numb?

I'm thinking of trying teething gel first to see if that helps.

Re: Teething comfort?

  • i use tylenol but my dr said no to teething gel and teething tablets. They are easy to OD your child on her said. I am more comfortable giving tylenol but i also have had training in measuring medications.  


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  • Hyland teething tablets, frozen food in the little baby teething things. I got them on Amazon and instead of mesh they are silicon. I don't do Tylenol cause I'm not comfortable with that as a go to and I don't see much relief when I give it. And I don't do the gel cause I have read bad reviews, but I do want to try the hyland gel. LO has one of those giraffes but likes wood chewers too
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  • We love the Hyland teething tablets. I don't do tylenol unless she has a fever, and I haven't done teething gel because I was told (and maybe this isn't completely accurate) that it numbs the gum and that can make nursing a little tricky. We use frozen fruit in the mesh bags, frozen teethers, Sophie the giraffe, and something similar to the mesh bags, but has a plastic liner inside and the outside is washcloth material to put ice in. LOs favorite teethers are Sophie and the Ark teethers that are textured.

  • Try giving a frozen damp wash cloth. That was always DD's favorite thing, not the gazillion teethers we have. I just kept a few on hand in a ziplock in the freezer.
  • I have used the gel, but it's the natural one. I don't think it provides that much relief though. I use Tylenol when LO seems really cranky, especially at night. I haven't had to do that often though. He really likes his Nawgum Teether and Zoli baby bunny Teether.
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