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Weight loss!

I found out we were pregnant with our first at the very beginning of February. I weighed in at about 163lbs at 4 weeks. Today I weighed myself and I am at 150lbs at 9 weeks. Usually I would be celebrating a 13lb weight loss in 5 weeks but I am worried that this is harmful to baby! I have only been craving fruits and carrots so I am sure that has something to do with it. I have only vomited a couple times but seem to have frequent diarrhea. Is anyone else having similar symtpoms? Does anyone know if this okay? I try to eat as much as possible but I am never truly hungry.

Re: Weight loss!

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    I lost three lbs at my first appointment compared to what I normally weigh. I had the gastric sleeve three years ago so I was worried about being able to nourish the baby. The doctor told me to drink Ensure to help. I haven't weighed so I don't know if it's helping but I don't feel as weak as I did. If you drink it with a straw it helps. It Might help in your situation. I have had diarrhea too.
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    7 weeks in I am down 8-9lbs.  Food aversions and severe nausea (no vomiting) have been the culprit.  I started at 166 at 5'2" when I found out I was pregnant.  If I started off skinnier I would be more concerned, but from when I have read weight loss in the first trimester is normal, the weight will come back eventually!
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    I lost nearly 25 pounds in my first trimester with my daughter. I wasn't too concerned, because I'm a little over weight. So I figured I had the weight to loose. It was mostly to do with morning sickness, and the constant snacking that seemed to help with it.

    Make sure your taking your vitamins, and you and the baby will both be fine. :)
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