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CD 21 vs 7DPO

Hi! I have PCOS and have had two early miscarriages (a BO and a CP) I'm not able to see an RE yet so I've been working with my OB. She ordered CD 21 Bloodwork for me for two cycles. I know this bloodwork should be done 7 DPO, I've temped about 7 cycles and have never ovulated before CD 20. I mentioned this to my dr but she didn't seem concerned. Last cycle I was taking a temping break so I just went on CD 21 which confirmed no ovulation (I continued taking OPKs and never got a positive). I am on CD 2 now and plan to take temping up again.

The question is would you go on CD 21 like the dr ordered knowing that there is a 99% chance that it'll be pointless or would you wait for positive OPKs/confirm through temping and go on my own calculated 7 DPO?

Switching Drs isn't really possible right now due to work scheduling and I'm not eligible to see an RE until December or a third loss so I have to make the best of this situation. Thoughts?


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