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Postpartum belly bands/ waist trainers??

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Is anyone using a belly band or waist trainer to get they're stomach back to a somewhat normal state? I would like to purchase one myself but I would like some opinions first. Let me know what kind you're using and your likes and dislikes


Re: Postpartum belly bands/ waist trainers??

  • I've been using a full stomach girdle since I've been out if the hospital and I'm now able to fit in my pre preggo jeans after delivering twins 8 weeks ago
  • I'm using one works wonders, started he 2nd day i came home!
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  • I bought a bellefit girdle and I love it. Mainly because it feels like it's putting everything back together. I started about a week after delivery and have worn it off and am 6 weeks postpartum. Seems to have helped.
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