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Ramzi Theory: Boy or Girl?

What do you think I'm having. I am either 5 wks/5 days or 6 wks/1

Re: Ramzi Theory: Boy or Girl?

  • I just researched this.  Here is the pic I found.

    Ramzi Theory!  Predict gender in 6-9 week transvaginal ultrasound!!!  EKK

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    Married: 05/14/2011

    DS Was Born: 02/10/2013

    EDD: 10/19/2015

  • Looks like I'm having a boy!
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  • Ok this may be a dumb question but is this for a transvaginal one?
  • This theory would have been wrong for my first. It says boy and she is definitely a girl.
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  • Did you have a Transvaginal us or abdominal us? If it was abdominal the image needs to be flipped. If you have Transvaginal I'd say girl.
  • Another one on here said boy is left, girl is right. Is the above example abdominal?
  • Crap I can't tell my kid takes up almost the whole sac what do yall think
  • It's transvaginal.
  • It's where the placenta is in relation to the uterus not the baby. They also say you have to be between 6 to 8 weeks for it to work. I had one at 6 weeks 3 days and I just asked my ob what side of the uterus my placenta was on so I didn't have to guess lol. She said the placenta is the really white part. So according to the theory I would be having a girl. I have 8 weeks til I find out and I'm anxious.
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