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Prenatal vitamin side effects

Hello all!

   As per my GYN's recommendation at my last annual visit, I've started taking prenatal vitamins.  We're planning on TTC in September and between my long term birth control pill use and Irish heritage he suggested I started prenatal vitamins six months before TTC to make sure my folic acid levels are where they need to be.  No big deal- vitamins are good for you anyway, right?  CVS is having a buy one-get one free sale so I stocked up on the store brand vitamins and took my first one this morning. I made sure to eat breakfast because I know I get nauseous with vitamins pretty easily, and I felt fine. No tummy troubles. Or so I thought.

Hours later and now I am so gassy!  I seriously never burp and today all of the sudden I'm like a frat boy!  Is this a normal side effect?  Does it go away after awhile, or do I need to switch to something else? 

Re: Prenatal vitamin side effects

  • I've been taking prenatals for about a month and I haven't had any issues with them. My doctor and 2 coworkers with kids and another currently pregnant all recommended Nestle's Materna. I just make sure I take them with a meal and I feel fine. Maybe the brand you're taking just doesn't agree with you?
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    I usually take them before bed, no issues.
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  • I take mine before bed as well.
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  • Thanks ladies!  I'll try taking them at night and see if that helps alleviate the problem.
  • I started off taking mine at night and developed this weird lump in throat feeling (which I found to be silent reflex) so I switched to taking them in the morning after eating and I also have been more burpy then normal. Nothing too crazy but definitely different! Haha
  • I take mine before bed or after dinner.  I tried taking mine in the mornings with my BC and I threw up each time (but I'm not a big breakfast eater).  My co-worker (who just delivered) said the same thing happened to her and her Dr. said it was because of the iron in the pill without enough in her stomach to digest.  Since I've switched to the evenings I haven't had a problem, although now I sometimes forget to take it. :( 


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  • glad I saw this board before. I just started my prenatal vitamins this morning. I used to take my birth control in the morning so I decided to do that with the prenatal today. When I got to work I felt like my stomach was empty and I think it is the iron. As soon as I put something else in my stomach, it was gone. I usually eat enough in the morning but today I didn't, so I will just remember to eat enough. 
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  • I take them at night, no issues.
  • When I started taking my prenatals I would take them in the morning and they would make me so nauseous. I asked me doctor and he told me it was the iron in the pills. He suggested taking them at bedtime and it totally helped!
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