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Baby Shower Cost?

My sister is planning my baby shower in NYC for early June. We were starting to think about costs (per person / total cost) and had no idea where to start looking! We're thinking of doing it my/her/friend's home and ordering cake, cupcakes, etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Congrats! I'm not sure what your question is. If you're looking for inexpensive venues, try the local board. If you're looking for ways to cut costs, do a light menu at a non-meal time at someone's house or apartment. If you're looking for info on what it will cost, it really depends on the shower, venue, and extras-you could have a lovely shower for very little money or an elaborate one for $100+ per person. If you want information on how involved you should be-minimally. If your sister asks for your opinion, you may offer one, but assure her that whatever she chooses will be perfect.
  • I hosted one years ago for one of my friends, we planned on having 20 people show up and I cooked everything for a light meal. Food alone cost me about 50 to 60 bucks. The other friend who helped host had it at her house and provided decor and cleaned. So not really sure how much it cost her. If you have co hosts it will cut back on the cost per person.
    For mine in April, I didn't ask for anything elaborate and the only special request I made was regarding the cupcakes ( I want koala ones ) its the nursery decor. Also check with your host about the number of invites and stay within that number, the shower that I threw years ago the girl invited 60 people via email without checking with her hosts 1st (I know tacky). Well no one rsvpd so we planned on 20 and I think there were 9 in all who showed up. I wasted money on food because of this.
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  • I've never hosted one, but it can be done very inexpensively, especially if hosted at home during a non-meal time. Just be sure to have your guests RSVP so that you don't overbuy food and favor-wise and check with the guest of honor beforehand so you are both on the same page as far as how many guest so you can budget accordingly. My aunt will be hosting mine and I asked her to keep it low-key so that she wouldn't have to spend too much. She is serving a brunch styled menu at home so there will be a french toast bake, some sort of egg-typed dish, fruit and veggie tray, baked ziti, cupcakes (all pretty inexpensive and easy to make), among some other items. I'm not sure what she has done for decorations and favors, but if you are crafty, you can find a bunch of things online to make, which is what I would do if I was hosting!

    Of course, if you want to go all out, you could have the event catered!

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  • I think $50/pp is a fair estimate for a lunch at a restaurant (usually salad, pasta, main course, dessert)
  • Well...if you're doing it at a home like you stated, and having cupcakes and cake I would think other than some drinks...I wouldn't think it would be that much? Honestly, depends on how much a bakery in your area charges for a cake the size you would need. I've never thrown a baby shower but I have thrown a bridal shower! Just remember every time you add cute decorations, food/appetizers....The price just keeps jumping up! Good luck.
  • Thanks for the suggestions! Good idea to try the local boards
  • I found this great website that has cost info for the best bakeries in Boston! It looks like they're expanding to NYC soon also! 

    Good luck! 
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