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Should I worry?

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Hello. I am 6 wk/2d along and have been cramping off and on the last 2 weeks.

Since yesterday, I have been experiencing stronger cramps, abdominal pain, and pain in my left side.

I am trying not to overly worry but I either think I will miscarry (haven't bled since MP in Jan) or I have an ectopic pregnancy.

Any help or reassurances would be great. Thank you!

Re: Should I worry?

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    I'd say go to the ER just for some reassurance!!
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    If it BAD pain then def call you doc. If it's period cramps but no bleeding then sounds normal. Just your uterus stretching for baby!
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    That's what I am hoping for. I keep reading how it's normal and then many instances where people have miscarriages. I just never expected these kind of symptoms
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    I had really bad (like..... curled up in a ball on the floor)..... cramps around 6-7weeks in my last pregnancy all was fine just ligament pain and uterus expanding.... but if your worried deffo have a chat with your medical care giver :-)
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    I'm 6 and 1/2 weeks and I'm having cramping as well. Scared to death! No spotting just period like cramps from time to time
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    Some cramping when pregnant is normal, your ligaments stretch, and your uterus is stretching, And pain in your left side could be just ligaments or a pulled muscle, maybe a pinched nerve, if you don't have any bleeding and your temperature is normal, I would book an app with your Dr, but if you get a temp or pains increase and don't seem to go away go to the ER ! Good luck !!
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    I know this sounds crazy but I notice I get cramping around my weekly ticker change lol.  I guess it is just synced with how the baby is growing?  For instance, my ticker changes on Wednesdays and I felt a little crampy yesterday and this morning.  I'm 8w2d btw and still get off and on cramping/sharp pains in the side.  I ask myself a lot "am I feeling pain or discomfort?"  If it's discomfort then it is likely normal growing pains.  If pain is really bad you should speak to your doctor.
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    Update: went to the obgyn and he did an ultrasound. Baby L is doing just fine! I just have a bladder infection and bowel issues.

    Thanks for the help and encouragement!
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    I've been cramping on and off for the last few days.  And just a bit of spotting.  I'm just trying to stick with what I've been reading and not worrying if it just feels like period cramps and as long as the spotting is brown.  Cramps have lessened today for sure!  Thank goodness!

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    I had that same scenario. Cramping and pain on my left side that was pretty bad. At 7 1/2 weeks I had an ultrasound and saw a heartbeat and everything looked great. Best guess is the pain was from an ovarian cyst.
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