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Soo I'm doing this all on my own. The father has seemingly chosen not to be involved. Im not ready to tell my family because I know they're not going to support the circumstances and the few friends I have told have suddenly vanished. Most days i just feel like I have an endless supply of tears. I know stress is bad for my baby but im feelin like im drowning right now. Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Depression

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    Just wanted to send hugs. >:D<
    You are braver than you know!
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    Thank you soo much! @gfam23
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    You can do this! I know a thing or two about depression. Just try and stay calm and positive :)
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    It really frustrates me how any parent can just walk away from their responsibility. You didn't get yourself pregnant. Anyway....your hormone increase won't be making things any easier...but you have to look at it like this...you have a new priority now and that's to stay calm relaxed and healthy for your baby. When my husband and I argue. .yes I could cry but what shocks him is that I don't respond like I use to..because he's not my priority. Friends vanishing is normal, you get to know your true friends when you become pregnant...we put it down to some sort of jealousy..so stand on your feet and say 'screw em'. It's important you tell your family. .noone is going to think the situation is ideal you've been deserted and left to do this alone, your family will express their opinions, let them get on with it with it..it'll blow over. I've just passed the depression storm..and it literally happened straight after I found out I was pregnant..it made me realise...'pick yourself up Sally, this isn't about you anymore'. You just have to get on with it. A child only needs one parent, and that's you...so be strong, lift your head up and start enjoying your pregnancy. But i will warn you, all the friends you've lost even the father...they'll come running back as soon as the baby's born but they'll leave again ..and by then you'll be the strongest you've ever been and to be able to shut the door on their faces. Wipe away them tears..today's a new day. :)
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    If your mood does not improve (along with sleeping/eating problems loosing interest in things you like) it would be worth seeing your family doctor and ask for help with depression. There are meds that are ok to take during pregnancy. You need a clear head to plan, think and to deal with your situation and to be happy about your future. Hopefully, you family will come around. I wish you good luck. You are such a strong person!! Sometimes it is ok to ask for help.
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    Thank you guys so much! Its been a constant struggle trying to cope with all these emotions and keep myself from feeling too overwhelmed. Im gonna do whatever it takes for my jellybean though. @lanaloulittle @sallyg85 @draworange
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    What an encouraging thread! :x I'm doing this on my own too, I understand how you feel joyfulsimplicity. I think hormones are taking a toll too. Take it one moment at a time, deep breaths, you can do this.
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    I applaud you women for everything you are going through and know you will be ok..keep that head up and just know how strong you are!! ;)
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