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First appointment? Nerves??

who all has gone to their first appointments yet? My Fiancé is wonderful and took the day off work to come with me before I even asked.... But what can we expect? I currently have Tricare for insurance, and will be going through the military clinic on base... and I'm not super excited to be dealing with them! Just general nerves about the unknown I guess.

Re: First appointment? Nerves??

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    I had my first appt today. I was so nervous!!! I could barely sleep. They will probably have you give a urine sample; then they will go over your history and get your LMP. Depending on your doctor, they may do an ultrasound to determine an accurate due date. They will probably also do a blood draw. Make sure you have a snack for after your blood draw! I had only had some orange juice and a banana this morning and after they took blood, I got very dizzy; my mom made me eat a FIber One bar haha :) Your fiance can be with you through the whole thing. I was afraid they'd make my husband leave for part of the appt, but he got to stay through the pelvic exam and everything which was very comforting. :) 

    Good luck! 
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    Thank you!

    I think my main reason for nerves (other than there possible being something wrong with baby) is that I'm such a private person! So going into see the Doc is a stretch outside my comfort zone, but you're right I'm sure it will be really comforting to have my fiancé there with me. He's the very protective type, so I at least won't ever have to worry about being pressured into anything!

    Definitely hoping for an ultrasound on Tuesday, and I'll definite bring a snack! Thanks!
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