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How are you functioning through the nausea?

i have been so nauseous the past two days. The only time I feel ok is if I am laying down. I can't even function. I didn't even finish my shower yesterday it was so bad. Any tips or tricks to help?

Re: How are you functioning through the nausea?

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    So sorry, you are not alone tho! :/ the past few mornings for me I have felt pretty bad, and suddenly threw up (ehhh!), and then felt relieved for most of the day. I've also read that other people recommend eating snacks and small meals frequently to help... i personally have no appetite for anything, so that makes it difficult. One last thing, my mom told me sometimes it's "mind over matter", so if you must go to work or get something done, try to think positive :) we're in this together!
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    Sea band wrist bands, sea band ginger lozenges & ginger ale!
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