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Reintro & IEP/Due Process Question

Hi I have not been on in a while, but my DD suffered a stroke at birth and suffers from global developmental delays. She also had an severe posterior tongue tie that doctors failed to treat and the two combined led us to a g-tube. She is now starting to eat orally now that the tongue tie is corrected, but we do a blended diet too for the g-tube.

Anyways, my DD aged out of early intervention and is now in our school system's integrated preschool where she receives services. Since she goes to a private preschool in the morning, she goes to the afternoon session of the public school. During our PPT meeting it was determined she would receive bus transportation from her private preschool to the public school. The school system refuses to pick my daughter up at the door of the private preschool. Instead they want her to wait for the bus on the sidewalk in front. Getting there requires her to walk through a parking lot and up a hill. The sidewalk is adjacent to a state road with a 40mph speed limit. 

We asked that the pickup location be added to her IEP given she has sensory issues and issues with walking, but they refused. They keep stating it is not their policy to enter private roads. They do however pick up and dropoff in district students to private schools that are within the school district. We are reaching an impasse with the school district is our next step a request for mediation and/or a due process hearing?  From my own research, drop off, especially door-to-door is a grey are of the IDEA. Any suggestions?
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