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Sea Bands For morning sickness.

has anyone had any experience in using the sea bands for morning sickness?? I'm a little over 6 weeks with my second pregnancy and am having the worst morning sickness HELP!

Re: Sea Bands For morning sickness.

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    Yes!! I got the Sea Band Mama ones. They help a little. I still feel nauseaus but it's a little more tolerable.
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    I've been basically living in my SeaBands for the last couple of weeks. I didn't really think they were working until I took them off. They're not a cure-all, but I do think they make a difference.
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    I used them with my son and am using them again...they helped somewhat.  I still had/have the nausea but it is tolerable.

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    I picked some up today ladies hopefully even if they help a little but they will still be helping!!! Crossing my fingers :D
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    I just got some of these today too
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