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Still no period...

Loss started about 35 days ago..thought I would have my period by now. I dont feel any symptoms so i am getting worried. Did others feel normal period symptoms before their first period After a loss? Feeling a little hopeless....the waiting is draining.

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    Can you go in for a check up?
    My period started exactly a month after I started to miscarry.

    Good luck.
  • doctor said 4-6 weeks so after 6 i am planning on calling. I am just nervous this means I am having more issues. I also felt like getting my period would provide some more closure. Thanks!
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  • Waiting is draining!!!! I feel ya! My loss was 12/22/14. My first period was 55 days later. 55 long days. I've read some are shorter waits, some longer. But it will happen but I was with you... Asked my dr to prescribe me with something to start my period so that's an option too. I didn't end up needing to take it but it was nice to know it was an option. I had NO period symptoms before getting it. None. Not sure why. But hopefully that helps you some. Best of luck!!

    Married April 13, 2013

    TTC #1
    38 years old
    1st BFP 11/11/14 (EDD 7/24/14)
    1st loss 12/22/14
    Off Loestrin FE 24 since 6/9/14
    Irregular, short LP, low progesterone
    Diagnosed with PCOS Feb 2015
    Started IVF April 2014
    1st retrieval May 2015 - 30 retrieved, 29 fertilized, 1 normal
    2nd retrieval June 2015 - 27 retrieved, 22 fertiziled, 1 normal
    Implantation date August 12, 2015
    BFP 8/24/2015


  • Thank you. Sorry for your loss and the long wait. Yea the waiting is the worst part especially bc we want to try again soon. I will ask my doctor about help starting my period if it doesnt soon.
  • Well...after worrying and stressing i woke up today and discovered i got my period!! I am so happy my body has recovered. This means me and my hubby on back on track for ttc! My doctor told us to wait two cycles so i will start with the temp tracking and charting!! Hoping to gwt pregnant next month. Thanks!!
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