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Maternity scrubs

Anyone know where to get maternity scrubs? 8w 3d today and scrubs getting a little snug already!

Re: Maternity scrubs

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    I'm going to go with the cheap surgical scrubs with the huge drawstring pants! I've heard those are much better/more comfortable than actual maternity scrubs.
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    merkodblpmerkodblp member
    edited March 2015
    The urbane ones or is there a different brand you recommend? My elastic waistband scrubs probably only have another week or two at the rate I'm going! And are you going up in size? If so how much?
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    I bought mine on amazon. Cherokee and dickies both make great maternity scrubs
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    My legs are still the same size so when I went a regular size up, they look ridiculous! But I so uncomfortable! We wear greys anatomy at work but I'm having trouble finding them. I'll look at cherokee, trouble is I need slate grey which is our nursing color at the doctor office I work in. So annoying...
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    Cherokee :) or any drawstring would be fine too I used both with my last Pregnancy!
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    Try Uniformcity.com. They're not everywhere but you can always ship them to you if you can't find a store. I'm lucky enough to have one at my local mall.
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    With my first pregnancy I just moved into larger draw string scrubs... the only problem was that the fitted my bump but took me a while to realse I was flashing my booby-do's whenever I leant forwards!!!

    Needless to say Im getting some "propper" matrnity scrubs this time!!
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