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what to expect from my doc appointment?

Hi there I'm 7 weeks and I have an appointment today with the doctor. My last one was when I was about 3 weeks and had just found out I was pregnant. He sent me for loads of blood tests. What should I expect from today's appointment?
Is there anything specific I should be asking?
Will I have a scan?
I'm a first timer at all this. Any notes and advice much appreciated.

Re: what to expect from my doc appointment?

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    Each doctor does things differently. At mine, you schedule your ultrasound so it's possible that you may not be having one. They usually do a pap if you are due for one, weigh you, check blood pressure and answer any questions you may have. They are usually really quick. Later on down the road they will start measuring your belly and listening to the heartbeat.
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    I'm new too but KMKaiser07 described my first appt perfectly! Next one is on the 12th. How did it go Yasmin?
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    All I did yesterday at my 7w 5d appt was answer a bunch of medical questions, got weighed, she listened to my lungs, looking in my ears, felt my uterus to make sure it wasn't big? , and got 4 vials of blood drawn. Hubby was disappointed, thought more would happen. Next appt in 4 weeks. And the day after we're going for genetic blood screen and ultrasound. The waiting game isn't fun, hubby wants to set up nursery already, lol. Anyone else anxious for their next appt and to set up the nursery?
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    elmann1elmann1 member
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    Yes! I'm so anxious for my next appt. Had my first on 2/26 at 7w3d and got an ultrasound and heard the heart beat eeeee! so cute.  Following the trans vaginal and tummy ultrasounds, they took blood and urine tests and my obgyn checked my uterus and my boobs (ouch!) then talked to DH and I for a very long time about registering at the hospital we will deliver at and finding a pediatrician! Crazy. 

    Now I have to wait until 3/26 for my next one :( the wait is killing me! I'm always so nervous if I still "feel pregnant." I wish women (or men) didn't have to worry about miscarriages... it sucks. 
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    I was seen at 6w4d and I was asked a ton of questions, had a pap done and also got to see baby and hear its heartbeat :) I go back at around 9w and will again have another ultrasound and possibly listen to the heartbeat I dont know if this time my doc will have me get blood work done and prescribe me prenatals goodluck with yours hope everything is great and you walk out with a peace of mind! 
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    3/26 is when my first one is! I'll be 8 weeks 5 days then!
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    Remley5Remley5 member
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    I have to wait till the 17th for my first appointment, cause my original appointment for today got rescheduled due to the crappy snow! I'll be 10 weeks 6 days then.
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