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too early but baby shower questions!

Okay, so do you only invite women to baby showers or can you invite men too?

Re: too early but baby shower questions!

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    I've been to both girls-only showers and co-ed showers, but I'm not sure which I'd rather have for myself. I think the pro of all-girls is that men don't usually love shower games, and opening presents while cooing about mom-to-be advice. But, the shower welcoming new parents to parenthood is just as much about Dad, and including him early may help him buy in to the whole parenting thing, and ensure he takes a driving role, and not just a backseat.
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    Typically it's only women, but I've been to a few where men were invited as well.
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    I've had parties that the guys do their own thing. A diaper shower. They meet up at a bar and drink and each guy brings a box of diapers and/or wipes.
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    We're going to do a coed BBQ. same as for our wedding shower. Just want to hang with our favorite people and celebrate this next step. Instead of cutesy games we'll just have cards so people can write their best advice or well wishes. Maybe make a time capsule for baby.
    But... I'm not especially girly and can't handle the idea of an afternoon of only women being at their ooey gooiest.
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    I personally really like the co-ed showers - it makes it less like it's the woman's baby and kind of says "we're in this together." 

    My husband and I plan on doing something pretty low-key like a BBQ for our family and friends.
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    sdw84sdw84 member
    We are doing a co-Ed shower. My family lives in Texas and all his family lives in Nee Jersey and so do we. Since none of my family can go and i apparently have no friends since the move we are doing co-Ed with his family and friends. No games and a guys will bring diapers.
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    I think I am going to do a girls only lunch and then afterwards it will turn co-ed because that way we can still have the cheesy and silly games and then have it become a celebration of my boyfriend's fatherhood as well. Kind of a win win? :)
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