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Hi all,

I haven't been as active on this board as I wanted to be but life with my son (born at 33 weeks) has been insane, he's had lots of complications. So I apologize for this abrupt post and also for how long it is :-(

Anyway I feel like the first whole half of his life he's been trying to catch up weight/ food wise. He was CONSTANTLY hungry. We couldnt never take him anywhere because we would have to stop and feed him (he is formula fed). Now he has slowed down and takes about 5-7 oz every 2-3 hours. If we feed him before we leave we can actually take him out now and he will be content for a couple hours. So at his 6 months pedi appointment (he is 20 weeks adjusted age), the pedi said he should not be eating at night anymore. At this point he gets up anywhere between 1-4 times a night. When he gets up 2 times he can take 6 oz each time. When he gets up more than that, if he's just had 6 oz a couple hours before we try to just put him back to sleep without eating. So her suggestion was so try to feed him less and less each time he wakes up, and try to feed him more during the day. She says that he doesn't need it and the only reason he wakes up is because he is used to getting this food at night. Which makes sense. Well this has not been working, he gets up, takes 3 oz, but wakes up within the next hour to eat the rest of his 6 oz. If we (my husband and I) didn't have to wake up at 5 and 6am, I would probably try my hardest to just "suck it up" and take the 30 min it would take to put him down without a bottle and then keep waking up when he wakes up again and do the same thing. But I work four, 10 hours shifts a week and have to be up at 5am each time. My husband works 5 days a week, long hours. I know we're not the first parents to work and have a baby but I just don't know what to do. I was thinking of maybe trying to let him eat as much as he wants before midnight- fill him up so to speak and at least try to wean him off food from 12am- wake up. He will generally sleep from 7/8pm - 7/8am. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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