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potty trained boys

DS will be 3 in May.  He has not worn a diaper since Christmas and is doing awesome, zero accidents, I don't have to remind him to go at all.  I had no idea how to train a boy so he's been sitting.  I know at some point he's got to stand, but how and when do you make the transition?  Did you let your sons sit for this long?  What happens when you go out?  We have the little potty at home, but he wont be able to reach up to a public toilet. 

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  • DS started out with the little potty, then we got him a little seat that goes on the big seat so he wouldn't fall in to get him used to the big potty. We got an extra potty seat cover that we would bring in a bag when we went out in case he needed it. He just started standing up at the big potty about 6 weeks ago, was sitting for probably the first 3 solid months that he was really trained with no accidents. 

    We started having him go in with daddy to pee and show him how to "pee like a big boy" standing up. In the beginning we made a game of it and would put a cheerio in the toilet and tell him to try to pee on it and sink it. We would make a really big deal out if him standing up to pee like a big boy and after a while he just started running in and doing it on his own. 

    When we go out sometimes he is not quite tall enough for the public toilets he will either tip toe and/or we will stand behind him and he stands on our feet to get a bit higher.
  • Before my son was tall enough for public toilets, I would just lift him up and luckily he's always had good aim. When we first started training right at 2, he would sit but was interested in standing pretty early so by 2 1/2 he would pretty much always stand. My friend's son will be 5 in a few weeks and he still prefers to sit. I don't know if it matters either way, it's more what they're comfortable with.

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    I don't think it's a big deal to stand. And till they have great aim I would not encourage it! I have three boys and they all figured out how to stand on their own lol. We do have a rule at home if you can't reach the toilet and don't have good aim you can't stand to pee.
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  • My boys didn't stand until closer to 4, and even after we taught them they sat most of the time. Now at 5 my middle son almost always stands.
  • My oldest was potty trained at 3 (sitting). We always used the big potty with a bjorn seat. It wasn't too long before he started wanting to stand and pee "like daddy"...within the next 6 months probably. My middle son stood earlier bc he saw his brother doing it (and never cared much for using a potty seat, he just held himself up with his arms while sitting on the big potty). He had to use a stool at home to reach for standing. When we were in public he would either stand on our feet (with us behind him) or sit. They both thought standing was great fun and have preferred that from the moment they tried it so it probably just depends on the kid.

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  • My three year old son sits on a small potty when at home but at daycare he stands on a stool and leans over. When we're in public he stands on the seat (obviously I hold his sides) and leans, usually grabbing the wall or back of the toilet. He refuses to sit on the big potty so all of his poops occur on his small one.
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  • DS just turned 3 and I taught him to sit on a potty seat. He has watched his other boy cousins use the restroom and have seen them standing so one day he just decided to stand. DH taught him how to aim. Before he would just stand over the toilet and not aim but push his hips forward.
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  • My son actually had the opposite thing:  he wouldn't sit to pee because the seat was "too cold."  When I realized that this was all that was preventing him from being potty trained, I just said, "Why don't you pee like Daddy, standing up?"  I first let him stand on my feet or a low stool.  In public restrooms I would hold him.  Fortunately, I have a tall kid, and it wasn't too long before he was tall enough to reach over a taller public toilet.  I would be shocked if he's ever peed sitting down.
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