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Girl middle name, please help! :)

We've picked Savannah for our baby's first name and need help picking out a middle name! I would love to find something biblical, or at least a name that has a nice meaning or even unisex. I don't like Grace, Nicole, Mai, Ann, Rae and the similar... I have a lot of friends either pregnant and/or with kids that have used those names. Sorry to sound so picky, lol I guess that's how I've gotten to this point :) please and thanks for the help!

Re: Girl middle name, please help! :)

  • Savannah Paige
    Savannah Jane
    Savannah Faith
    Savannah Adelyn

  • I do like Savannah Paige!
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  • Biblical middle names:

    Savannah Elizabeth
    Savannah Esther
    Savannah Eve
    Savannah Jael
    Savannah Miriam
    Savannah Rachel
    Savannah Ruth

    Here is an article suggesting girls names with neat meanings.. You might find it interesting!
  • Thanks I'm going to check that out!
  • LNic5LNic5
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    Biblical names:

    Savannah Abigail
    Savannah Ariel
    Savannah Chloe
    Savannah Eden
    Savannah Lilith
    Savannah Elisabeth
    Savannah Julia
    Savannah Leah
    Savannah Mary
    Savannah Miriam
    Savannah Naomi
    Savannah Phoebe
    Savannah Rachel
    Savannah Ruth
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Savannah Eden!
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