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high risk NT results

Hello everyone, I will be honest this is the first time I have ever posted on the forums but do continually lurk. I went for my NT scan and blood test on Monday and the tech said baby looked great and measurements were fine. However, yesterday I received a call from my doctor asking if I would like further blood tests to determine down syndrome because my results came back "high risk" (1:100) for my age. I am only 22 and never expected this. I agreed to come in yesterday and the nurse took two vials and said they should have results by mod week. Just wondering if anyone else had similar results or had addition blood tests done and how long they actually took to come back? I don't know which test I had but have read about several DNA tests for fetus and they say 10-14 days. I know this was long so TIA.

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  • This is exactly why techs shouldn't be giving any information whatsoever. All the techs are supposed to do is take all the measurements and then the doctor advised you of results. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.

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  • Thank you! The way they explained it to me is out of 100 women that had the same result, 1 would have a baby with downs. I am trying to stay positive as the doctor said its still a 99% chance of not having an abnormality. Thank you for the t&p it is very appreciated!!
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  • If it helps, the same happened with my first pregnancy. We did the Materniti21 test and that gave more in - depth information. Turns out she is a healthy kid, no genetic defects whatsoever. I know what you're going through right now though, keep breathing Momma!

  • I am high risk in everything. I've been on bed rest since the day I found out I was pregnant! When I had my NT screening it came back good, but I was checking online everyday for the results( we have an online chart) but when the ultrasound tech was doing it she even said its just a test to see if you need further test!! Try not to stress, I know how hard it can be to be worried all the time. I am 21, first pregnancy but am also waiting for a liver transplant. I have an ultrasound once a month and blood work once a week. I also see my OB in my town and an OB an hour away. Each one a couple times a month.... Just pray (if you do that) and everything will be okay!!! Keep your heads up and best thing to do is not stress. It's such a great possibility you will have a happy healthy beautiful baby!! Praying for you!
  • I was a wreck too waiting for the same thing. But stress is very bad for the baby, so I tried my very best to keep calm and distract myself from the negative thoughts as much as I could. At the end of the day, my fiancé and I would remember, this is our little  baby, and it needs us to be strong. We love our baby,  no matter what the outcome, it would not change anything. 3 days ago I was cleared for any abnormalities, and what went from a high chance of downs, is now a 1:10,000 percent chance. Sending Positive energy your way for you and your baby. Best of luck and let us know the update!

    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, and kind words! Ekanpp02, the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that in all of this, God has a plan. I can't imagine going through what you are. I will keep you in my prayers as well. I am so glad to hear that everyone else has received good news from further testing! @Marissalynn0620 you are exactly right! It isn't doing me or baby any good to worry. I just hate that we all had to wait in limbo for more definitive answers! Will be thinking of you all.
  • Congrats, great news!

  • Yay! So happy for you!! Like I've said, I went though this exact same situation...and getting the final results is the greatest feeling in the world. Best of luck mama!
    Always hold on to hope ❤
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    Got my blood test result and it came back 258 and should be 270 I am freaking out. Go for my ultra sounds thursday. Praying everything is ok
  • Glad to hear that everything turned out ok.  I just went through the same thing last week with my quad screen test.  I'm 38, so I'm in the high risk category.  My test came out with a slightly higher risk for a neural tube defect, which actually has nothing to do with age.  I went for my ultrasound on Friday, and everything was fine!  :)

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  • That's great news.
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