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help with migraines!

I was a migraine sufferer before and now at 14 weeks it's excruciating. Help!

Re: help with migraines!

  • Have you talked to your ob? They can prescribe you fioricet.
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  • Definitely talk to your doctor, there are prescriptions that you can take.
    Non prescription ideas: a cold, gel eye mask, Tylenol, caffeinated drink, and sleep are are about the only options that ever work for me.

    Good luck finding something that works, migraines are so miserable.
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  • I've read that putting your hands and feet in hot water and putting an ice pack on the back of your neck helps. The heat pulls blood from your head and relieves the headache. But being at work, that's probably not super helpful. Hopefully your OB can prescribe something to help! Good luck.
  • Magnesium!! If you get the 200mg pills take one twice a day.
  • I go to the chiropractor and it's been helping out with my headaches. I refuse to take anything.

  • Excedrine Tension Headache.. no asprin but has caffeine
  • I called my OB yesterday for mine. I had to go in to get my blood pressure checked to rule out any sign of preeclampsia. Then she provided different solutions based on my lifestyle and said my urine sample showed I was a bit dehydrated. Call your clinic and drink lots of water!
  • Magnesium!!!!!
  • Me too! My doctor told me to up my caffeine intake so I'm drinking more coffee. It has helped a LOT! But there are still days I lock myself in my bedroom!
  • My MIL picked up this little roller ball called My-Grastick. It's peppermint and lavender essential oil and saved me after an excruciating 4 day migraine. My pre-pregnancy meds are on the banned list and don't want to risk anything with other meds. I was shocked at how quickly the oil worked (2 applications, extra water and a good night sleep). Feel better!
  • My doc said Tylenol with caffeine, I ice my head, I too was a migraine sufferer I think saline nasal spray helps some, I also do a allergy pill in the am, and my doc said a little more caffeine, rest and exercise at a balance help me. Good luck migraines suck!
  • If you want to try a non-medicinal option, they putting a few drops of a lavender essential oil on your roles and the back of your neck. Its worth a shot.
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