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Anyone else having allergies?

ugh! Runny nose, sneezing, puffy eyes. This really sucks! Anyone have any natural reliefs?

Re: Anyone else having allergies?

  • I'm with you. Love my Neti pot!
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  • Constantly, its miserable. Add headaches to that list. I miss Claritin D. Never tried the neti pot. My husband had one and I always thought it seemed gross.. At least it sounded gross when he was doing it. Is this what I should be doing? I also wake up every night with a dry and sore throat. Not sure if that's related as well..
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  • Yes I've been stuffy and sneezy since very early on.  It's awful!
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  • Neti pots are awesome- I use them a lot- just use water that's been boiled and cooled or buy a jug of distilled water so you can be sure it's sterile. If you get distilled it feels nicer if you put it in a mug and warm it up for 30'seconds before using. My allergies are terrible too- I carry tissues everywhere.
  • Yup horrendous! I take zyrtec year round but it isn't working at all right now :(   If it is this bad now can't imagine how it will be when Spring finally arrives

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  • My OB prescribed Flonaise for me - I was really suffering from swollen nasal passage and terrible itchiness. It worked wonders.
  • Yes runny nose, headaches , sneezing.I dont know what to do.
  • I've been having allergies since about the beginning and I never used to have them in winter. Worst part for me was waking up with a headache every day. my PCP put me on zyrtec but it wasn't helping much. My OB switched me to benadryl every night and it's helping a lot! I'm not a waking up with headaches any more and it's helping me sleep as a bonus!
  • Yep!!! Taking Claritin and benedryl like crazy!! Can't stop sneezing and my nose is always stuffy. I also use saline spray. It helps a bit.
  • Yes ma'am. I take benadryl and Claritin. As well as use a humidifier. Mucos, the extra blood flow,and seasons don't help. Hang in there, it is all worth it!
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