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Self proclaimed vegetarian?

Has anyone had issues with their toddlers eating meat? Ever since DS turned 1 he has refused to eat meat. Before then, he used to eat chicken, meatballs, etc. but now won't even tolerate it on his plate! He keeps telling us "I don't like it". Has anyone else had this happen with their children? Does it eventually pass? Could it be a textural issue?

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Re: Self proclaimed vegetarian?

  • My LO doesn't like very much meat, but eats it occasionally.  She is hit or miss with it-- usually doesn't like it, but sometimes eats a ton. I think it is textural in her case be cause she will put it in her mouth and chew it, but then spits it out.  We have had better success with fish.  And for chicken, pork, beef etc, we have the best luck with a "dip" (marinara sauce, applesauce, balsamic vinegar, terriyaki sauce, etc).  We just keep offering because she is very inconsistent, but we never force or require it.  Tofu, eggs and lentils have always been favorites, so we offer that a few times a week if the meat intake is low that week.


  • Ha! My son says "I don't like it." about so much!

    As for meat, he will eat chicken, but only "cubes" that I cut from wide slices of deli chicken. He'll eat turkey on a sandwich. He'll sometimes eat meatballs, both beef and turkey, if they have lots of pasta sauce on them. And he'll eat a tuna salad sandwich. He won't touch any other meat -- grilled chicken, pork, beef, ground beef, fish of any other kind. 
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  • My kids are both great eaters but they have went through phases... no meat, no vegetables, fruit and cheese only... you name it. They're all pretty short lived and I try not to worry too much about it. I won't make them special meals so they would end up eating one part of they're dinner and refusing the rest. They won't starve. Right now all my daughter wants in life is muffins! I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe try to push proteins in other ways like beans, eggs, etc. Best of luck!

  • Thank your for your encouraging words. If it had only been going on for a little while it wouldn't have bothered me but it started when he turned one and now is 2.5 and still hasn't had meat. He likes eggs so that is his source of protein as he doesn't like beans. 
    I am hoping this will pass soon! 
    Thanks again!
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  • DD is 3 and never had meat except baby food purées. I make sure she gets protein and iron other ways. She's an extremely picky eater.

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