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Where are you from?

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Just curious as to where you all are from and what different cultural/regional views we bring to the board. :)

Where are you from? 116 votes

Northwest US
8% 10 votes
Southwest US
5% 6 votes
Midwest US
33% 39 votes
Northeast US
28% 33 votes
Southeast US
12% 15 votes
4% 5 votes
Middle America
0% 0 votes
South America
0% 0 votes
2% 3 votes
Other (Asia, Africa, Antartica, Special Snowflake)
4% 5 votes

Re: Where are you from?

  • Chicago  :)
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  • California
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  • 15 minutes from St. Louis but on the IL side
  • Canada. I guess that would go into the other category
  • California
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  • Florida! (which really should have been its own category lol)
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  • Ireland, but live in Australia
  • Yes, I wanted to add so many other categories but they only allowed 10! =p

  • New Zealand
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  • Canada
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  • New York, live in CT

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  • South Louisiana
  • Originally from Southern Illinois but living in Arizona.
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  • Scotland❤
  • I'm from Canada, but live in North Carolina now.
  • Long Island NY  but living in New Jersey
  • Louisiana.
    Emmett Rhys~born on October 26, 2012.
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