TGIF!! Any fun weekend plans ladies? — The Bump
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TGIF!! Any fun weekend plans ladies?

I need an uplifting post. lol I've had a rough week at work. I'm exhausted from being sick for 3 weeks and dealing with kids that haven't been sleeping well.  I'm a little frustrated with DH because he turned down a fantastic opportunity at work which would have guaranteed that I could stay home after the baby is born. Sooo .. lets talk about something more fun.  it's FRIDAY.. what's everyone doing this weekend? 

nothing too exciting here.. taking the kids on a play date tomorrow with a friend who I haven't had a chance to spend time with so I'm kind of excited about that. This little guy is bouncing all over the place this morning!! Hmm.. could be the girlscout cookies I just ate.  lol  It's like a boxing match in there right now.  
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Re: TGIF!! Any fun weekend plans ladies?

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