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Who is having a water birth

its post to help push the baby out faster with less pain

Re: Who is having a water birth

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    Had a water birth with #2 and will def do again with #3 if baby sticks!  My experience was so beautiful and life changing! I can't even put into words how fantastic it was. Where will you be giving birth? Home? 
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    I will labor in the birth tub if possible just as did with my last two. I've always "planned" to have a waterbirth, but with DD I was actually more comfortable lying on the bed than I was in the water during the pushing. With DS, he was so large the midwife asked me to push outside of the birth tub because she was concerned about him being stuck (he was... took two hours to push him out). I'm always open to the idea of a water birth and I LOVE laboring in the water. We'll see what happens this time! :)
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