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When did yours start to go hard
And when did you feel the first kicks :)

Re: Belly

  • 17 weeks and felt first kicks 4 days ago. I just started to get a hard belly.
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  • Im 16 weeks and 4 days and my belly is still soft but for a few days now ive been feeling the little fluttering and stuff im so excited and happy cant wait till I have a real belly.
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  • Awh how exciting, my belly is still soft but I don't have much of a belly at all actually :/
    I havnt felt anything yet but I'm only 15weeks can't wait to experience kicks and grow a belly!
  • Im 17w5d and my belly is hard and ive been feeling rolls and swishes and some pretty bigs kicks here lately.
  • 16w6d today belly starting to get firmer and actually even my upper abdomen and diaphragm from moving to prepare for bigger belly. I only have a small bump so far. No movement yet, but I have anterior placenta so I probably won't until 20+weeks
  • Super hard belly at times. Flutter and rolling. Only once did I feel outside. 16 weeks tomorrow.
  • At 14wk 2d, I have a soft, round bump. :) The other day I was sitting on the couch and felt a little knock inside (uterus area). Then another. It was a little uncomfortable, those little knocks because I'm sore.
    Can I say I felt the baby kick?
    It didn't feel like constipation or a cramp... And it would be so fun if that was the baby!
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