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Wishing the nurse hadn't called and gave me hope....

I had an u/s at 6 weeks. Only a gestational sac, which was measuring 5 weeks.  Waited 3 weeks and had a second u/s last Friday (should have been 9 weeks).  Still only a sac that was only measuring 6 weeks. The doctor explained blighted ovum.  My husband and I were disappointed, but weren't really surprised (i'd just had a feeling it wasn't a viable pregnancy) and we had made peace with it.  I have a third u/s scheduled tomorrow.  I was looking at it like a formality before we could talk about scheduling a D&C.  Well, a nurse called me today and said that my levels (from blood drawn yesterday) were 22,000, so I definitely need to keep the appointment because they could see "something" with these levels.  I was totally taken back.  I just don't see how there is anyway there's really a thriving baby in there.  In 3 weeks the sac (which never showed a yolk or a baby) only grew a "a week."  I have lost all of my pregnancy symptoms. I had made peace with it and now the nurse has put it in my head that maybe there's hope.... I guess the point of her phone call was to make sure I showed up, since maybe people in my situation probably say "what's the point" and just skip it?? Thank goodness I only have to wait until tomorrow. I have spent the better part of the day searching, "miracles at 9 weeks."  :(

Re: Wishing the nurse hadn't called and gave me hope....

  • I know how hard it is to be in limbo.  Sending you hugs and wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow.
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  • Oh honey I'm sorry.  I was in a similar limbo with the doc giving me false hope.  Luckily I knew exactly when I ovulated so I didn't listen to them.  It is true you should not give up all hope just yet....but at the same time prepare yourself.  I know when my miscarriage officially started I felt immense relief that the waiting was over.  I am praying for a miracle for you!
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  • Thank you, but no miracles are happening over here. My D&C is scheduled for Monday morning.... Ready to put this behind me.  It's been a 6-week emotional rollercoaster. 
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