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I heard the baby's heartbeat today :)

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I want to tell everyone but only at 11 weeks ?

Re: I heard the baby's heartbeat today :)

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    Up to you. hearing the heart beat drops your chance of miscarriage significantly.
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    So exciting! I think you're in the safe zone to share :)
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    Exciting isn't it?! Chances of miscarriage drop after hearing the heartbeat...share when you're ready.
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    Congrats!!! I'm really hoping for that this week at my ultrasound. It will be our first time getting to hear the heartbeat (two previous losses).

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    I hate to be negative and burst your bubble.  But hearing the heartbeat does not mean squat.  It is not a safe zone. I heard my baby's heartbeat and everything was fine.  Yet a week later I lost the  baby. 

    I agree though that it is exciting to hear the heartbeat.  It gives you a very happy feeling.  Congrats.

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    Your chance of miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat at 8.5 weeks drops to 3%. Sure, there's always a small risk, but that's insignificant compared to the risk of most things in life. It's up to you but I would consider yourself safe.
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    We heard the heart beat yesterday!!  I feel your excitement!  We've already told people for a couple reasons.  1. We live 2000 miles from our families and wanted to give everyone a heads up and a chance to plan visits.  And 2. if something does happen, I rely on the support of my husband and our friends. 


    Excited for you hearing your little one!

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    Congrats! How exciting! Can't wait for my first ultrasound. 
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    I heard the babies heartbeat and had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and everything was completely normal 2 days later I was in the ER with a miscarriage. When you feel your ready tell people. But let it be your choice.
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    I heard mine yesterday and it was amazing! Especially after infertility! I was told that the chance of miscarriage drops to less than 10% with a heartbeat as strong as my baby had ( 124 bpm) but I still do not feel safe. The truth is you can lose a baby at any time during a pregnancy. Share when you want and just be hopeful.
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