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Anyone else have high blood pressure at 12 weeks?? DRs got me really worried... :/

I went in for a pap on Tuesday, second time seeing a DR since I found out I was pregnant, and my blood pressure was really high 161. I forget what the bottom number was 90 something. My blood pressure has never been high and at the 8 week check up everything was normal. I'm freaking out! She thinks it may be a molar pregnancy, drew blood and had me do a 24 hour urine collection. This is the first time I've been pregnant and I'm so worried!!!

Has anyone else had high blood pressure so early? I don't go in for an ultra sound until Wednesday.

Re: Anyone else have high blood pressure at 12 weeks?? DRs got me really worried... :/

  • They wouldn't get you in for a U/S sooner than that?? Just gonna let you freak out for a week? That sucks I'm really sorry :/
  • Thanks. Yeah they're making me wait :( They said I have to go to a specialist in case I need to stay?? I didn't ask many questions as I was in shock. She listed off too many things that could be wrong, too much for me to handle all at once. 
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    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this.  My blood pressure was elevated at my appointment yesterday... 148/90-something. Before that,  I was nearly always within a normal range.  Thankfully, I've already seen LO on an u/s so I don't have the additional worry you have.  T&P as you face the next week!

    ETA: I'm 12w1d, so yes, my higher blood pressure came at the same time.

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  • Mine was high when I went in this morning, and Doc asked me if I was eating a lot of fast food haha (busted!) She said to tone it down on salty stuff and fast food and all should be fine. Gonna give it a try!
  • I actually stopped eating fast food, soda and tried eating super healthy when I found out I was pregnant. I'm overweight so I've lost 18 lbs so far :) I think my dr might be worried by a lack of symptoms? I found out at 8 weeks and for 2 weeks I had all day morning sickness then it suddenly stopped and nothing else has happened. My breast aren't sore either...
  • Just to be clear. I'm not dieting or trying to lose weight (that's just been a bonus) I just want to be as healthy as I can for the baby.
  • Have you had an ultrasound yet, or will this be your first one? Have you had any bleeding or spotting? I'm surprised your doctor jumped to a molar pregnancy, since the symptoms of a molar pregnancy don't appear to be the symptoms you're experiencing: High blood pressure could be related to a multitude of things. Also, a lack of symptoms doesn't necessarily mean anything. Some people just don't experience many symptoms at all. I haven't had any morning sickness at all and I'm now 12 weeks along (my mom also didn't have morning sickness with either me or my brother). I only experienced nipple soreness from weeks 5-7, but it wasn't bad, and other than that, I've just experienced some bloating, fatigue, and food aversions. Hoping for the best and thinking about you!
  • Yes. My first 2 prenatal appointments my blood pressure was normal. At week 10 it was 140/90. I had blood work done and my potassium levels were too low. Which would make sense because I have been battling a bad cold, and at around 9 and 10 weeks I was so sick I just ate what I could.

    After I got the results, I was already back to eating normally, and my blood pressure was much lower, still high, but within the normal range. I repeated the blood work and my levels are back to normal. I also wore a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours just to see what my blood pressure is like during the day and when I am not in the doctor's office. I haven't received the results yet. However, they are going to keep a close eye on me.

    But until I knew what the reason was, I was very stressed out, was online looking for any explaination, which stressed me out more.

    Try to stay as calm as you can. And eat some bananas. Go to a pharmacy when you are near one and get your blood preasure checked. Many pharmacies have blood pressure machines now that are free to use.

    Wish you luck!

  • Good for you @AmandaNacora I'm proud of you for getting healthy! I'm getting back to my healthy routine, but need to cut out fast food for sure. Congrats!
  • It will be my first ultra sound. I haven't even heard the heart beat yet :( I have had some spotting but not a lot. No pain either. 
  • I also have experienced some spotting, once at 5 weeks and again at 8 weeks, but minimal and no pain. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and baby was healthy and heartbeat was strong, so try not to worry!
  • I just hit my 12 week mark and my blood pressure was really high at my appt on Tuesday. Doctor wants to see me again this Tuesday to check it again and do an ultrasound. I had high blood pressure in the past, but the last few years it has been normal.(lost some weight and eating healthy) I absolutely hate all this waiting! I am in the same boat as many of the other mommies here, all I want is to hear a heartbeat. Maybe if I heard that precious heartbeat I would calm down a little. I am 39 and this is my first pregnancy. I am worried and stress about everything! (Which I know is NOT good for my blood pressure, either)

  • Were you nervous?  My BP was really high at an appt with the last pregnancy.  They let me calm down a little, and retested it at the end of the appt and it went back down to normal.  Hugs!!
  • I have chronic high blood pressure, and it makes me anxious on its own, going to the doctor, because I always feel like I'm being reprimanded for something that, for me at least, is genetic. But I was told that as long as I'm exercising, eating right, and monitering it with ultrasounds for higher risk of preeclampsia, I should be fine and they just told me that they will not let me go past 40 weeks, so to possibly expect an induction. For now, it's more stress that I don't need, so I'm just eating right, exercising, and trusting my doctors. I wouldn't worry too, too much, although I would make sure you pay attention to your gut about how you like or don't like your doctor. Their job is to keep you healthy, yes, but also to keep you as calm s possible. It sounds like yours is jumping to worst case scenario very quickly.
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  • Well today I had my ultrasound. At first my bp was 157/107!! She changed arms and took it again right away, this time with a machine that took about 2 minutes, it was 126/90, which is still a little high but a lot better! U/S was normal and heartbeat was good but the baby measured 11 weeks instead of 13 weeks. Which is fine, means I conceived around new years :) Oh the little guy moved so much! he wouldn't sit still for the tech, he was doing backflips. I have another u/s on the 16th to remeasure before they change my due date. Thank you ladies for the support. I liked my doctor, and i think it's time to change my ob. She's good and has always been good to me but making me worry like that was not cool, especially when she never called back to give me my lab results..
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    Some people get "white coat syndrome" and their BP shoots up in doctor offices. Perhaps you were just nervous. Happy to hear baby is looking great! If the doctor or office itself sets you on edge or stresses you out don't be afraid to check into other docs or midwives. Congrats again on baby!!!
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  • This time I was very nervous, and especially after the first reading!! I'm happy everything is okay, and excited that I get to see baby again soon!! Thank you very much for the support :D
  • Glad everything is okay.
  • I have white coat hypertension. . My bp is always a little elevated at the drs bc I'm nervous. . Like 140/80. I told my ob about it before my first apt so they wouldn't freak out when they took my bp haha. Since i have a history of it they told me they won't be concerned until after 20 weeks when pregnancy induced high bp starts. . At which time they will just have me start checking it at home. I also did i 24 hour monitor and mine came back 114/70 as an average!
  • I'm also worried. This time last year when I wasn't pregnant my blood pressure was 124 which is fine. Then last year about a month before I got pregnant it was high. I had it checked at my 6 week midwife appointment she says it was fine. I then was in hospital and a nurse said it was 156! I went to my gp a few days later and it was 138 and then a week later (today) it's 144. He said he's not worried. 140-149 is classed as mild high blood pressure but I'm still worried. I'm 14 weeks 5 days now
  • I too had higher than normal blood pressure at my 12 week but today at my 16 week appointment it was right back down where it should be. I blame it on easing up on my vegetarian lifestyle during the 1st trimester and my body now being used to some lean meats again, so if you're changing your diet it could definitely be associated with that!
  • I'm seeing a perinatologist bc I had elevated BP three appointments In a row. The perinatologist told me she's not concerned about my BP which I check everyday (usually as high as 148/90). She said she will be more concerned when third trimester comes around. But I still am considered "High risk" and have to go to this specialist from here on out. But the plus side to it, I get to have an Ultrasound at every 4 week appointment
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