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Finish my sibset

My boys are Max and Leo (Maximus and Leonardo). We are due in September with Team Green baby 3. What names would you suggest for both boys and girls? Thanks Ladies! You always have such good ideas!
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Re: Finish my sibset

  • What kind of girls names do you like? May be able to think of some suggestions if you have a style of name in mind
  • I love your boy's names!
    I know a set of siblings named Max and Caroline. I always thought it was cute.
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  • I'm all over the place with girl names. I would rather not post my list as when I do in the past people just say which names they like best lol. I really want some fresh ideas!! So please just tell me names that you think would match with my boys!! I guess I like classic/vintage with a bit if flair, but not overdone or too common.
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  • I don't know too many classic names off the top of my head, but some of the ones I've heard lately are Jeanette, Bernadette, Edith, Florence, Margaret, Henrietta, Anita, Mallory.

    I personally think margaret would sound nice with your boys cause then you could have max, Leo and Maggie.
  • homedivahomediva
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    Thanks! I like Florence best out of those! Anita is pretty too! Love Caroline but there is a cousin named Carolina.
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  • Kate0034Kate0034
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    August or Augustus, Alexander (nn Alex), Lucas, Everett, Oliver, Silas, Jasper, Theodore (nn Theo), Sebastian

    Classic/vintage girls names (most can have a cute nn like Max and Leo):

    Phillippa, Josephine, Marion, Cecelia, Adelaide, Eleanor, Violet, Matilda, Amelia, Alice, Evangeline, Ophelia, Eloise, Cordelia, Genevieve, Helena

  • I love August (Gus) with your boys. Girl names like Alessandra or Antonella would go with your boys full names but not sure about nicknames!

    Vivian is another one I love with your sibset. I also second Genevieve!
  • Oh gosh! I love love your boys names!!

    Maximus, Leonardo, and Giovanni
    Maximus, Leonardo, and Alessandra
  • Maximus, Leonardo, and

    Eliza or Elizabeth 


    I second these previously suggested names
    Alexander or Aleksander 
    Vive Les Frasers
    Related image

  • Oooh awesome suggestions! Our top boy names are actually Augustus and Alexander!
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  • I love Augustus with your sibset!!!
  • I agree with Augustus being great, and the Alessandra recommendation is nice.
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    I feel like this gets asked every couple of days...Augustus or Violet.
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